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Hey Puzzleheads!  These summer weeks go by so fast it gets your head spinning.. and what a spectacular week last week .  Many of the Pub Quiz’s favorite teams, coupled with Tuaca and Goose Island made for quite the night.  Speaking of Goose Island, they are sponsoring once again the last Wednesday of June.  Come and tip back some of Chicago’s finest beer and hang out tonight!

As it IS the last week of June, Rockies tickets (provided by Goose Island) will be awarded tonight, so don’t miss out.  The race is on, and you can click here to see where you stand.

The Carry-In question for tonight is as follows: The Goose Island Brewpub in Wrigleyville in Chicago sits right next to an Irish pub. What is the Irish pub’s name?  As always, bring in your answers and turn them in during any round for EXTRA points during that round!


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