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Fat Tire and Snapshot!!

Hey everyone….well May is off to a good start.  Sorry Rockies fans…my Reds took 2 out of three but who’s counting?  The good news is that New Belgium continues to sponsor the Pub Quiz, so every Wednesday this month you can drink Snapshot and Fat Tire beers for a discount!

Congratulations as the Lap Dancers and Don’t Let it Suck ran away with some cool New Belgium gear!  The fun and prizes will continue this week, and for those of you interested in the May Jackpot you can find your rankings here!

The Carry-In Question is as follows:  New Belgium brewery, in an effort to meet up with huge demand (particularly out east) is breaking ground on a new brewery located in what city and state? As always, bring your answer in and turn it in during any round to garner extra points during that round!

Oh, and if you have a few extra bucks laying around and a penchant for the macabre, check this out!

And Star Wars fans…check this out!


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