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Hola desde Espana!!

Que pasa Puzzleheads?  I’m sitting in La Rollerie coffee house next to our hostel here in the center of Madrid.  Thankfully they have strong cafe americanos! We just got done with our siesta and despite the fact that I’ve only had 2 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours I’m ready to fight some bulls!  I’m not sure I’ll survive…everyone here does things that are “bad” for you…lots of drinking, smoking, eating rich foods, driving really fast, and I just hope I make it through unscathed.  Seriously it’s pretty amazing.  I have just enough Spanish to seal my reputation as a dumb American.  I try and say something in Spanish: “Un cafe americano por favor,” and they shake their head and start speaking to me in english!  Apparently I’m not as suave and worldly as I’d like to think.

As I mentioned last week, Senior Two-Story Corey is taking my place, and bringing yet another month to a close!  It’s been fantastic having New Belgium sponsor our Pub Quiz again!  We love them!  We do have, for the coming months, two NEW sponsors to look forward to.  Our next month’s sponsor is an established brewery but this will also be the first time we will have offered any of their fantastic beer!

Ok, so this week’s Carry-In question is as follows: This is a picture yours truly standing in front of a very famous building in Madrid.  Name the building!  As always, bring in your answer during any round and the points will count toward that round.

Diviértete y nos vemos la próxima semana!


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