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Holy Cow!

Hey did you know that there are, on average, 22 bovine-related deaths per year?  It’s amazing what you learn on the Internet!  So be wary, those of you who work closely with cows.  There isn’t any data that I could find regarding Pub Quiz-related deaths (not including “dying” of embarrassment) so I’ll happily extrapolate that tonight’s Pub Quiz is one of the safest places you could possibly be!

Hey, congratulations to Don’t Let it Suck, KC, and the Bad Ass-tronauts for each winning a round and, as such, winning some cool New Belgium stuff! Latest scores HERE.

Speaking of which, New Belgium is continuing to support this safety-conscious Pub Quiz this month.  More great prices on their Snapshot Wheat and Fat Tire! Woo-Hoo!

Today’s Carry-In Question: This is a new ad for an online service.  The service and many others like it have been around as long as the Internet has been around but this company is now advertising out in full view of the public.  What company?

By the way….other ways of dying can be found here


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