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Summertime….and the Quizzin’s easy

Well, maybe it’s not always easy, but hopefully everybody’s having fun at least! Goose Island continues their sponsorship of June’s Quiz, and we now have 312 on tap! It’s their “Urban Pale Ale” and it’s damn good.

Many congratulations to Guys and Dolls, Don’t Let it Suck, and The Dicks (A couple guys named Richard?) for winning one round apiece. Well done, y’all!

Today’s Carry-In Question is as follows: It’s Christian Grey’s birthday today, and a still photo was released (apparently from the movie) that shows him in his car. What kind of car is he driving? As always, bring in your answer and turn it in during the round of your choice for extra points during that round!

If you have a few minutes and a good sense of humor, check out this new website from The Onion, a parody of the ubiquitous “click-bait” websites that are all over the Internet. Hilarious!!!

See y’all tonight!

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