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What it takes to be an overnight success.

Last night, we hosted several members of Denver and Boulder’s media, to introduce them to The Exchange Tavern and our Irish fare in advance of our 10th Annual St. Paddy’s Day celebration coming up March 17.  We’d like to give a shout out to our media guests who joined us last night including: Alexis Methven from Dining Out Magazine, Kendall Kostelic from Denver Life Magazine, and Claire Walter of Culinary Colorado, and a big thank you to Jim Burrus with Yellow Scene Magazine, Gary Valliere of American Craft Beer Radio and Tyler Doc of as well for their interest in The Exchange Tavern.  We had so much fun sharing—thank you!
We started with a sample of our custom brew, Redbeard, brewed exclusively for us by Four Noses Brewing Company.  Our Exchange Tavern guests actually helped design this beer!  In tandem with Four Noses, we hosted a “tap take over” with a wide variety of beer characteristics represented from several of their best brews, and then had our guests sample and share their preferences based on a 10 point scale measuring aroma, color, mouthfeel, taste, bitterness and drinkability.  From that, we had 5,000 data points, and reduced that input into a singular direction that resulted in our sessionable, hop forward amber ale, called Redbeard, which is available year-round.
From there we moved to our Irish Fare Sampler including our highly addictive Irish Nachos, award-winning Colcannon paired with an Irish Banger, a sample of our Corned Beef, as well as our Alaskan Cod Fish & Chips, and our famous Exchange Tavern Irish Stew.  Together, we also learned a little bit of Irish Gaelic (slaínte!), compared Baileys Irish Cream to Coole Swam Irish Cream Liqueur, and sampled a new take on a Negroni—our #1 mixology cocktail at the moment—and finished up with our Snickerdoodle and Guinness Brownies.  The libations were awesome, but not nearly as fun as the company!
I was really nervous before the event because we’ve never done anything like this, but Kuvy Ax of ROOT PR  was reassuring—thank you, Kuvy!  She was instrumental in bringing us all together.  I told her butterflies were my normal, because we always fret a bit before events—because they matter.  We never want to have any guest’s stand out memory from their special event at The Exchange Tavern be anything but how much fun they had!
Sharing about our baby, The Exchange Tavern, is among our joys.  We so believe in everything we do, and care deeply about those who have supported us through the years.  We so appreciated the great feedback from our foodie media guests, as we shared some stories about how we got to where we are today.
It feels like we are really starting to hit our stride.  In 10 years, we’ve seen a lot and learned A LOT!  There are still those that come in and tell us they’ve never heard of us before, so any media coverage we get may feel like we are new—another “overnight success” story.  However, when you really look at those overnight sensations, isn’t it ironic to learn they’ve often been doing their thing for years!
It’s certainly that way for us here at The Exchange Tavern.  Our success is grounded in 10 years of hard work, and getting knocked down – but getting back up again and again, and working harder until we get it right.  The nut of it all though is we do this because we love it, and none of this would have been possible without the tremendous love and support we’ve gotten from our community.  Thank you!
I’m still in awe of our 10 year milestone.  Ten years is big.  REALLY BIG.  To make 10 years, you have to know what you want to be when you are grown up, and we do!  The Exchange Tavern teams is a group of dedicated and passionate professionals working together to create outstanding guest experiences.  We were so glad to get to share our story with our media guests last night.  Sharing how we’ve gotten to now brings it all back to what matters most—our guests.  That’s why we were here in the first place.  Thanks for 10 incredible years.  Slaínte!

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