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Who’s Tall, Handsome, Witty, and Brilliant?

Duh….Two-Story Corey of course!!  Once again I’m flying the friend skies, so my good friend Corey is taking the helm of the great vessel known as The Pub Quiz and steering it deftly through another week of you crazy people!  🙂

FUN WEEK last week!  Holy moly I had a blast…you guys are amazing.  We had some good competition last week as Our Team Used to Be a Ginger, Tall Fat Skinny Midget, and High & Dry each won a round.  Well DONE!

This is the FINAL week of sponsorship by Blue Moon Brewing, so stop by and get a pint of that OR Leiny Summer Shandy on the CHEAP!  Also, the monthly prize of four tickets to the Rockies game will be handed out…we have a few teams in a pretty tight race, so be there!  Current standings HERE

And just because I’m in a hurry and a troublemaker, anybody who pinches Two-Story on his bum gets the points this week for the Carry-In question!  Make it count!

See y’all next week!  Have fun tonight!

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