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What it takes to be an overnight success.

Last night, we hosted several members of Denver and Boulder’s media, to introduce them to The Exchange Tavern and our Irish fare in advance of our 10th Annual St. Paddy’s Day celebration coming up March 17.  We’d like to give a shout out to our media guests who joined us last night including: Alexis Methven from Dining…

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Coming up on our 11th St. Paddy’s Day!

As I write this, we are 11 days until St. Patrick’s Day 2017.  We are gearing up for our big day which has music starting at 10am with Jon Weiss! Here is the rest of our schedule: 11:30-12 – Heritage Irish Step Dancers 1:00 – Queen City Pipe Band 2:00 – 21+ only with a…

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Take the Week Off…

…from my silliness and crazy questions and just come in, relax, drink a beer as I journey back to Spain to recover my prodigal daughter.  I’ll be back next week, so enjoy the piece and quite of a Tall-Paul-free Wednesday!

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Hope Yours Was a Happy Fourth!

So, there were rumors (admittedly advanced by yours truly) that I would not be hosting tonight’s Pub Quiz.  As it turns out, fate dealt me an ace, and happily I’ll be there!  At least happily for me…I can’t speak for you. 🙂  Hope everybody can make it…and I wish you better luck than was had…

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And the winner is….

Hey Puzzleheads!  These summer weeks go by so fast it gets your head spinning.. and what a spectacular week last week .  Many of the Pub Quiz’s favorite teams, coupled with Tuaca and Goose Island made for quite the night.  Speaking of Goose Island, they are sponsoring once again the last Wednesday of June.  Come…

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Summertime….and the Quizzin’s easy

Well, maybe it’s not always easy, but hopefully everybody’s having fun at least! Goose Island continues their sponsorship of June’s Quiz, and we now have 312 on tap! It’s their “Urban Pale Ale” and it’s damn good. Many congratulations to Guys and Dolls, Don’t Let it Suck, and The Dicks (A couple guys named Richard?)…

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Hola desde Espana!!

Que pasa Puzzleheads?  I’m sitting in La Rollerie coffee house next to our hostel here in the center of Madrid.  Thankfully they have strong cafe americanos! We just got done with our siesta and despite the fact that I’ve only had 2 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours I’m ready to fight some…

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Holy Cow!

Hey did you know that there are, on average, 22 bovine-related deaths per year?  It’s amazing what you learn on the Internet!  So be wary, those of you who work closely with cows.  There isn’t any data that I could find regarding Pub Quiz-related deaths (not including “dying” of embarrassment) so I’ll happily extrapolate that…

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Fat Tire and Snapshot!!

Hey everyone….well May is off to a good start.  Sorry Rockies fans…my Reds took 2 out of three but who’s counting?  The good news is that New Belgium continues to sponsor the Pub Quiz, so every Wednesday this month you can drink Snapshot and Fat Tire beers for a discount! Congratulations as the Lap Dancers…

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Who’s Tall, Handsome, Witty, and Brilliant?

Duh….Two-Story Corey of course!!  Once again I’m flying the friend skies, so my good friend Corey is taking the helm of the great vessel known as The Pub Quiz and steering it deftly through another week of you crazy people!  🙂 FUN WEEK last week!  Holy moly I had a blast…you guys are amazing.  We…

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