Wed Triviahaulics Meeting 7-9:30

Do you love well thought-out, brainy, high-brow, politically-correct, rose-smelling TRIVIA???  Well the Exchange Tavern Pub Quiz is DEFINITELY not for you then.  If I were you, I’d stay well clear of this mish-mash of ill-conceived tripe.  Luckily I’m not you and there are a few crazy funsters out there with questionable judgement that DO like…

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So I’m thinking of boosting my political career and I need your help.  I’m calling all Puzzleheads to come out en masse and, using your cars and trucks, create a strategic traffic jam at all other trivia locales, funneling all traffic to the Exchange tavern!  Together we can do it! Last week was great fun,…

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Let the Games Begin!

And may the odds be ever in your favor! Ahhhh….the beauty of a nice clean slate.  It’s 2014 and we’re starting a brand new quarter of Pub Quizzing!  Congratulations to Don’t Tell Me What to Do for winning the fourth quarter of 2013!! I’ve been a bit under the weather of late, but I’ve been…

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Happy New Year! Oh… and take a week off the Pub Quiz :)

Hey Puzzleheads!  Take the week off, and we’ll see you back at the FIRST Pub Quiz of 2014 next Wednesday! Bored?  Click here for a few laughs! Happy New Year everybody!  

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Congratulations to KC!!

So after a very exciting month, a HUGE congratulations to Bruce and Wendy of KC for rocking the December Pub Quiz!  They’re going to be getting a VIP Tour of Odell Brewery up in Ft. Collins.  We’ve enjoyed having Odell sponsoring the Quiz and we all love GUS the Odell rep that hung out with…

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Keep Calm and Come Play Our Pub Quiz!

Hey everyone!  Christmas, as I’m sure you’ve heard, will be falling on next Wednesday so this week will be the LAST Pub Quiz of the year.  As usual, we have many great prizes to hand out care of Odell Brewing so it’s going to be fun times as usual! Congratulations to Shenanigans, Don’t Tell Me…

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Baby it’s cold outside…

…so get your giant brains on down to the Pub Quiz tonight!!  Ahhh Christmastime…a time for family togetherness and brotherly love and trivia questions about Festivus!  Well, maybe not specifically Festivus, but definitely you can expect a few questions involving Christmas TV and movies. Once again, congratulations to Don’t Tell Me What to Do for…

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November Trivia Winners Showing Off!!

Congrats to Team Don’t Tell Me What To Do for winning the November Trivia League. Here they are enjoying with the Exchange Tavern staff having a Blast at Al Unser Go Kart Racing for the months Grand Prize. Speeding down the track and relaxing after with some cold Newcastle suds as the celebration continued. Don’t…

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Come warm up by the fire….Trivia is ON

Baby it’s cold outside….but trivia is heating up here at the Exchange Tavern!  Wow…that was super corny, but it has a basis in fact.  We’re just beginning the third month of a three month series, and scoring begins anew for the month while simultaneously there are a few teams fighting mightily for the BIG PRIZE.…

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Turkey, Trivia, and Tipple Trifecta!!

So….here we go again, and WHAT a big night this week!!  I’ll just get right into the specifics.  This is the last week that we’re being sponsored by Newcastle, and Dale (our Newcastle Rep) refuses to go out with a bang!  Here are just a few of the items we will be giving out tonight:…

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