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Puff Puff Pass…

Ahh yes….this past weekend was a Colorado milestone as it was the first 4/20 celebration that was “legal”!  I hope you enjoyed it if you celebrated!  Speaking of celebrating, this past Saturday saw a different kind of celebration as John and Leanne (they of High & Dry fame) celebrated their commitment to each other. I…

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You betchya, dontchya know?

Hey!  It’s Wednesday again already, can you believe it? Hopefully your taxes are filed, ducks in a row, and you’ve been paying attention to this week’s news! Congratulations to the Wise Asses, High & Dry, and the Recruits for winning each of the three rounds last week!  They all received some cool Blue Moon prizes.…

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So it’s ONE, TWO, THREE Strikes, You’re Out

… the Old Ball Game!!  Ahhh who cares that it’s supposed to snow again?  It’s baseball season dammit, and despite the fact that the Rockies got their you-know-what handed to them on Monday (gotta give it up for Fernandez though), it’s still time for foot long hot dogs, ketchup stains on your jersey, beer stains…

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Well, if you’re like me or basically 95% of the world (at least the part of the world that takes the time to fill out a NCAA tournament bracket) this title should be pretty apt.  My beloved Bearcats fell to a bunch of Ivy Leaguers.  What are the odds of that? So it’s our final…

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March Trivia Madness

You think college hoops is a big deal?  Those boys don’t know what pressure is!  Let ’em come try THEIR hand at a “music connections quiz” or a Booze Clues and they’ll collapse under the pressure that you all handle effortlessly every Wednesday!  What I’m saying is that you guys ROCK. Hey, speaking of March…

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The Pub Quiz Turns Green Tonight!

Another week has come and gone as spring continues to march our way.  VERY slowly but yes, surely.  Last week we convened the very first Pub Quiz of the lenten season.  Luckily for me, not many people chose to give up eating, drinking, or Pub Quizzing, as we had a bang-up time! Congratulations to Libby…

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And The Winner Is….

(Sound of ripping envelope) HIGH AND DRY!  Congrats John and LeAnne (Sp?) for winning the whole of the month of February!  A canny blend of knowledge, good looks, physical stamina, and impeccable taste has landed them (among other things) a Guinness dinner at our illustrious Exchange Tavern!  Nice job!! The Pub Quiz rolls on this…

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Beads? Parades? Must be Mardi Gras!!

According to a Britih Viking festival, Norse myth predicted that Feb 22, 2014 was to mark the beginnning of Ragnarok, the epic battle that ends the world.  Had the Vikings been right, the Earth would have fallen into the sea and most of human life would have been extinguished this past weekend!  Luckily that didn’t…

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Warm Up Your Brains!!

Whew….busy week!  Last week’s sub-zero temperatures took its toll on the Pub Quiz crowd, but we had fun nonetheless!  (See Guinness Beer Mustaches below!!!)  We gave out some cool Guinness swag and free pints, and pretty soon we didn’t give two hoots about Mother Nature and her frigidness.  Guinness continues their sponsorship this week!!! Here’s…

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Daaaaaaa Daaaaaa DaDa Da Da Da, Da Daaatadaa Da Da Da Datadant Dat Daaaaaa

Yes….as I’m absolutely sure you realized immediately, the title of this blog is the theme to the Olympics!  Go ahead…I’ll wait patiently as you sing along.  Opening ceremonies of course start tomorrow so you could and should expect to hear a few Olympic-type questions tonight.  I’m so glad to be back after a week of…

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